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Leeds City Transport fleet

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Leeds City Transport have a huge fleet of a wide range of vehicles.

Leeds AirlinesEdit

See Leeds Airlines fleet.

Leeds BusesEdit

See Leeds Buses fleet.

Leeds MetroEdit

See Leeds Metro fleet.

Leeds WaterwaysEdit

See Leeds Waterways fleet.

Leeds City Transport themselvesEdit

Vehicle typeEdit

  • 101-150 Gritters
  • 151-185 Snow plows
  • 186-195 Front end loader
  • 196-197 Snow blower
  • 198-199 Snow sweepers
  • 200-220 Street sweeper
  • 220-250 Bin lorry

Vehicle routeEdit

  • All: none

Vehicle liveryEdit

  • All: Yellow and Black with Leeds City Transport branding.

Vehicle depotEdit

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